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We have found that when searching for business and personal services, most often the best services come from referrals provided by friends and family. We prefer to do business with companies and individuals who treat us with the same level of respect, efficiency, and accuracy that we provide our clients. We have provided links to the following companies and individuals that we recommend. Certainly, this is not an exhaustive list, and we will be making additions frequently – so feel free to check back!


Printing and Copy Services Business Creative Services Banking, Mortgage & Investments

If you want to learn about estate administration procedure in North Carolina and the requirements of administrators and executors of estates, you can access an informational pamphlet at


Once at that site, go to the top of the page, click on "Forms," choose the "Estate" category and search. The pamphlet will be the first document you can view.

For those of you with Corporations or LLC's it is that time of year to file your annual report. You can file on-line at the Secretary of State website. Go to


There you will find a link to Online Annual Report. Filing regular annual reports will help your entity avoid involuntary dissolution with subsequent fees and fines for reestablishment.

For all new estate planning clients, we provide a complimentary year of document retention services through DocuBank for the purpose of retaining your Health Care Power of Attorney and Declaration of Natural Death. Those who have participated in this program received a card in the mail that has the attorney contact information, emergency contact information, an 800 telephone number for hospitals to call, and a pin that serves to access your documents and immediately have them faxed to the hospital.


At their web site,, you can renew your membership and even make changes to your record should you wish to change physicians, or emergency contact information. Already have your documents prepared? Give us a call and we can provide you with information on how to take advantage of this service at a substantially discounted rate.

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