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We start the Estate Planning process with the end in mind. Our comprehensive process involves at least two meetings: Initial Conference & Design Meeting, and Document Signing. By starting with the end in mind, we are better able to focus on your long-term and short-term goals, organizing your assets in a way to best achieve the result you envision. Whatever the size of your estate, we will assist you in preserving assets that you have spent your life accumulating. This will allow you to complete meaningful planning for those you care about and preserve your assets from unnecessary taxes or administration fees and costs. As part of our Estate Planning process, we provide clients with a complimentary Estate Administration Planner. Contact our office for more information about these exciting complimentary services at 919-489-9058 or by email.


Click here to access an Estate Planning questionnaire.




The settlement of an estate can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our mission is to alleviate as much of the stress as possible through efficient, and high quality legal services. We will discuss the probate options available to you and determine the best course of action based on the assets involved, title of assets, Will, and applicable costs and fees. Through continuous communication, accurate and courteous settlement of an estate, we can minimize the worry and responsibilities of administering an estate.




Business Planning involves the structuring of new businesses and choice of business entity. Depending on your needs and goals, we can prepare a Limited Liability Company, Family Limited Partnership or Incorporation. Additionally, we can prepare annual minutes and annual reports to be filed. For those concerned about business succession planning, we work with a variety of insurance and tax professionals to prepare a Business Succession Plan that best suits the needs of your business and family.




Some minors and incompetent persons, regardless of where they are living, require the assistance of a guardian in order to help them exercise their rights, including the management of their propery and personal affairs. Types of guardians include general guardians (full guardian), guardian of the person and guardian of the estate.

Children under 18 are presumed to be incompetent by law and therefore a parent or other person may be appointed guardian of the estate of a minor. A guardian of the person may be appointed only if the minor has no living parents, or the rights of the parents have been terminated.







Our firm offers a number of services to assist you in your real estate transaction. Our services include assistance in buying and selling commercial real estate, and residential cash transactions, commercial development, contract and deed drafting, lease and purchase options, preparing purchase agreements, preparation of easements, and escrow agreements






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