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Incentive Trusts: Long Arm of the Dead?
August 2015 Newsletter

Many affluent parents are concerned about the effect of leaving any wealth to their children and grandchildren. In some instances, they fear that the recipients will misspend the funds on drugs, fancy cars or failing businesses. In other cases, their fear is simply that their children will simply lose their drive to achieve and overcome barriers that may present themselves if there's no financial necessity to do so. At the same time, these parents and grandparents want to provide a safety net to their heirs and enhance their lives in an increasingly insecure financial system. Often they do so by leaving funds in trust for their descendants, often with little guidance to the trustees on what to do with the money.

Behind in saving for retirement? Approaches to catching up..
March 2014 Newsletter
Does the pace of your busy personal and professional life leave you feeling like you're always playing catch up? From finally reading that best-seller that's been sitting on your book shelf for a year to getting a solid eight hours of sleep to making sure you have enough money set aside for the future, it can be difficult to regain lost ground. If you were among the millions whose retirement savings and investments suffered during the recession, there's good news: you can start to catch up with a few simple steps...

Thinking about writing off Social Security? Not so fast..

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans survey highlights Social Security misconceptions.

March 2014 Newsletter


Social Security is a hot topic these days. Unfortunately, many Americans are still in the dark when it comes to planning for Social Security. And that could have significant consequences.A recent nationwide omnibus survey of 1,007 adults in the United States shows that despite the constant coverage about the topic, many Americans aren't clearing the information hurdles of Social Security and that could have unfortunate costs...

The Lexington Group To Create North American Real Estate Investment Trust
by Michael Stevens

March 2014 Newsletter


CHIYODA-KU, Japan -- Due to the surge in demand for new homes in the United States and low interest rates The Lexington Group's board of directors has given preliminary approval the commission of a Real Estate Investment Trust in early 2014. Home prices in major American cities have risen on average by more than 12 percent in the last year, the largest gains since 2006 prior to the subprime crisis...

Five things they don't teach you in school about how to secure your financial future
April 2014 Newsletter
Anyone over a certain age has heard about the “the three Rs” of education - reading, writing and arithmetic. The thinking is that if you graduate from school knowing how to read, write and solve basic math problems, you’ll have the fundamentals for a successful life. But these days much more is required, especially when it comes to making sure you have the financial resources to take care of yourself and your family.
Is a refinance the right decision?
April 2014 Newsletter
Once at rock bottom, interest rates have ticked up slightly in recent months. Still, the prospect of refinancing a mortgage remains attractive. Interest rates are projected to rise to 5 percent or above by August 2014, according to an August 2013, Freddie Mac study.“The window hasn't closed, but homeowners should analyze their mortgage situation to see if a refinance can improve their overall financial picture,” says John Young, director of real estate product management at USAA...
6 Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan With an Estate Planning Attorney 
May 2014 Newsletter

There are several times in the course of your life that you need to review all your estate planning documents (Wills or Trusts, Health and Financial Powers of Attorney and Living Will) in order to determine if you need to make changes or additions if necessary. Obviously, when you get married, you will have a new spouse to consider when it comes to things like inheritance, living wills, and powers of attorney.....

Celebrities In The News 
May 2014 Newsletter

Careful Estate Planning Likely ensures Tampa Bay Bucs stay with Glazer family (Tampa Bay Times)....



Bob Marley's Estate Planning Battle Continues to explode 33 years later...

3 Unusual Circumstances That Require Estate Attorneys 
July 2014 Newsletter

Writing a will isn't a one size fits all process, which is why many people should use the services of a lawyer. For many people, it's fairly simple -- you just need to list out all your assets and then determine who will receive these assets after you're gone. However, if you have an unusual circumstance or two, you'll need experienced estate attorneys to help.....

3Who Do You Trust When Creating a Trust 
August 2014 Newsletter

Back in the 1950's there was a very popular television game show entitled "Who Do You Trust." It was

hosted by the legendary comedian Groucho Marx. The show was always good for a few laughs as

Groucho ribbed the contestants. A model of a duck (with a Groucho-style big cigar in its mouth) would


Yummy Beef Filets with Mushroom Sauce and Parmasan Popovers... my mouth is watering already!  
October 2014 Newsletter

Getting ready for Fall with some hearty and yummy recipes. See the amazing wine paring at the bottom of the recipe!!....

5 Reasons For ParentsTo Reveal Estate Plans 
Disclosing The Contents of Your Will Can Be Emotionally and Financially Beneficial to Heirs
October 2014 Newsletter
For many parents, the idea of speaking to their adult children about what's in their estate 

plan is about as appealing as having the "sex talk."....

The New Basics: Pro or No? Picking a Trustee 
February 2015 Newsletter
By: Anna Prior


When setting up a trust, people often turn to a relative or confidant to oversee it.

That is natural enough, considering trusts frequently have a highly personal purpose -- passing on wealth to loved ones -- in addition to a common aim of minimizing taxes. Who better to serve as trustee than someone who has been part of your life for many years?


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