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Estate Law

Our Team

The well-being and safety of our clients, prospective clients, and employees is central to our purpose and our top priority as we join companies around the world responding to the current global health challenge. 


The Law Office of Anne Page Watson, PLLC is located in Durham, North Carolina. We practice in the areas of Estate Planning and Administration, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Business Planning, and Tax Planning. In addition to engaging in the practice of law, we contribute back to the community through free seminars on Executor Responsibilities, Trustee Guidelines, Pet Trusts, Estate Planning, and Informational workshops for new Realtors, to name a few. One of our most exciting contributions to the community involves supporting one or two non-profit organizations each year to assist with financial support and awareness through a variety of activities such as silent auctions, music concerts, giving tree, and much more.

Our Mission

"We certainly appreciate your work on our closing. We are sorry for so much confusion but you handled it as just part of a normal day. Thank you for your work on the LLC and counsel on various matters."

Proud Member

The Firm is dedicated to providing the highest level of client satisfaction, through quality work product, efficient completion of work requested, and proactive, honest, continual communication. The Firm has a responsibility to contribute to the community through sponsorship of non-profit organizations throughout the year, and utilization of creative ways to raise money or awareness of said organizations. Members of the firm will engage in respectful communication, listening, discussion, and planning through regular staff meetings; Each member of our firm will have the opportunity and responsibility to grow and develop as individuals and professionals; Members of the firm will participate in various staff development activities throughout the year that are both educational and recreational to promote well-roundedness and fitness for mind, body and spirit.

We will witness and notarize documents we prepare for our clients at their cars in our parking lot to preserve social distancing.

We do however prefer telephone conferences instead of office visits.

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